Buzztard aims to be a music studio that allows one to compose songs using only a computer with a soundcard. If you’ve used tracker programs like FastTracker, Impulse Tracker, or the original AMIGA SoundTracker, that will give you an idea of how one can sequence music in Buzztard. The Buzztard editor uses a similar concept, where a song consists of a sequence with tracks and in each track one uses patterns with events (musical notes and control changes). In contrast to other Tracker programs, tracks are not simply sample players: a user can make a song using an arrangment of virtual audio plugins that are linked together to create different effects. Each of these machines can be controlled realtime or via patterns in the sequencer.

The buzztard editor will be just one possible application of the framework we are implementing. Tools like a dj mixing application or a live session composer are other things that can be built using our framework.


buzztard project status 01/06/2011

In the begining of the month I finished the new treeview models. There were a couple of corner cases I did not handled yet. I did some thinking about the remaining model, but did not yet write any code for it. Instead I did some code review of the whole project leading to numerous . . . → Read More

Auto Draft

I noticed people use the comment on blog posts, which is great. If you have questions, I like to suggest to use real email-address (so that we can reply) or better sign-up for an account and discuss it in the forum. Also when signing up, please enter your real name and e.g. add an . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/05/2011

After last month spectrum analyzer work, I also looked at the volume meters again. Handling the updates is a bit tricky as I need to sync them to the audio playback. Now I have optimizations in place to skip updates when the meter is zero or maxed and has not changed. This is actually . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/04/2011

I have been refactoring GStreamer’s spectrum analyzer. It is now working faster and also allows to get per-channel results. For testing I updated buzztard to check if one has the new version and if so show per channel graphs. While hacking on the analyzer graphs I have also refactored the code, so that now . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/03/2011

I was testing buzztard a lot on my MeeGo netbook this month. As screen space is more precious on netbooks I was running it often in fullscreen mode and noticed that some windows seem to not open. When leaving full screen the windows appeared. Somehow they opened behind the main window. I looked over . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/02/2011

As there was no project news over x-mas, I have a slightly longer one this time. Before I dive into the usual code changes, something else – tadaa – we have a new webpage. The previous page was a mediawiki with a few customizations. Now we use a combo of wordpress-3 and mediawiki. Both . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/12/2010

Last month I made good progress on the undo/redo. I am now running the undo/redo in sync with the object lifecycle. The downside of this is that undo/redo fails when you have ref-count leaks. This now makes them more apparent. When trying to debug them I noticed that refdbg is not working anymore since . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/11/2010

In October I had not much time for buzztard. I went to the GStreamer conference and the CELF Europe. There I gave a talk about the “MeeGo multimedia stack”. I also hacked on two GStreamer tool projects; gst-tracelib and gst-mediainfo. In tracelib I worked on a UI to monitor gstreamer pipelines on the fly. . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/10/2010

After all the initial work for journaling of edit events in the editor, I wanted to get a first proof of concept that everything fits together. And that I just got. The pattern editor implements a change-logger interfaces. It grabs the changelog singleton instance and logs all changes together with the undo action. The . . . → Read More

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