buzztard project status 01/03/2010

As if February isn’t short enough already, a nasty stomach infection send me to the couch (and bathroom) for a couple of days.

Still managed to do a couple of things. Some refactoring in the editor allowed me to harmonize context menus, e.g. one can open machine windows also from pattern and sequence view.

GStreamer has support for accelerated and decelerated playback, forward and backward. I started to overhaul the seek handling a bit and added UI for fast-forward and fast-backward. Fast-forward is working with some limitations, but reverse playback needs some fixes in plugins still. As a side effect one can now scrub with the mouse over the timeline.

I also wrote a standalone test app for my level meter. I was still not convinced that is was always drawing correctly. Indeed there was a bug in the resize behaviour, that now is fixed too.

As gtk+3 comes closer I did several rounds of adapting the the new style to use accessor functions everywhere.

44 files changed, 1087 insertions(+), 317 deletions(-)

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