buzztard project status 01/04/2010

I will give a talk about “Writing audio applications using gstreamer” at the Linux Audio Conference 2010. Naturally quite some time went for writing the article. Now that it has been accepted, I need to start working on the slides and demos.

In buzztard I’ve tried to make the life of people that use jack or pulse a bit easier. The problem here is that the player is only visible in jack/pulse when it is actually playing. I have now some code that keeps the sink alive (in GST_STATE_READY). This allows e.g. changing the volume in pulse or routing the output in QJackCtrl even if the app is not playing. Unfortunately it only works after the sink was in playing once. I need to confirm my theory of what wrong still.

I recently brought a netbook (MSI L1300) and thus wanted to try buzztard on this machine. I have installed moblin 2.1 on it to play with
moblin. As usual, installing own software on a new linux distro/machine always brings up something. After a few rounds of configure maintenance and dependency trimming I am set and having it running. Performance seems to be okay even for complex songs. Yay!

Besides that, I fixed a few more bugs and wrote more tests.

43 files changed, 796 insertions(+), 100 deletions(-)

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