buzztard project status 01/05/2010

It is nice to  see that more and more distros have buzztard packages. Many thanks to Sebastian Dröge for submitting packages to Debian and Ubuntu.

Latest GStreamer releases (gst-plugins-base-0.10.28) have my adder fixes. With those trick playback in buzztard works much better. Scrubbing is not locking up any more and we can play the score forward and backward at different speeds. There seems to be still an issue in more complex songs though. Every time the playback accelerates, the sink is waiting for something and thus there is a

One major feature I’d like to have for 0.6 is undo/redo and journaling. The latter is important to minimise the loss of data in case the application or the system crashes. I have been thinking for quite a while how to implement it and came to the conclusion that it can be made so that journaling means having a serializable redo stack. I have now started to write the code for it. Hopefully
more news on how it went soon.

48 files changed, 2240 insertions(+), 351 deletions(-)

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