buzztard project status 01/09/2010

After some more work bt-dec starts to works better. I can now play buzztard songs in totem, banshee and co. I still see some issues with seeking though.

I have be going through my pending gtk bugs and patches. I can see a lot of activity in gtk+ these days. People have been helpful reviewing and commenting the changes. I could close two of my bugs with patches to code and docs committed. At the same time I also understand a few things better and reworked the focus handling on the tabs. Instead of listening to focus notifies and then grabbing the primary widget on the page, I am now overriding the focus vmethod and grab there. The disadvantage of the previous method was that the widget has
to be realized and mapped, but when you receive the notify for the tab switch, it is not necessarily the case yet.

There were some changes on the logging in gstreamer. I had to adjust some parts of my tests that where intercepting log messages.

I’ve started to migrate all modules to use G_DEFINE_TYPE, G_DEFINE_INTERFACE and GST_BOILERPLATE macros to shorten the code. I hope I can finish it next month. At the same time I have cleaned-up my gobject use:

  • remove dummy vmethod implementations (empty property setters/getter)
  • no need to check for dispose/finalize in parent class (just chain up, they always exist)

I improved the error handling in the commandline client and also in the ui (when rendering to disk). It catches and handles missing element messages now. Before the processing could hang if that happened :/

While doing more work on the changelog I noticed that I could also use that to show last save date when warning about unsaved changes. The change log uses UTC timestamps, so I had to convert them. I haven’t found any nice API for this (like give a date and tell what tz it is and ask to convert to local or any other tz). The startup check for old change logs does now some auto cleanup and sanity checks. Next I’ll add some ui for picking one for recovery.

I recently upgraded on machine to suse 11.3. After that all machine icons where in the wrong size. After some digging I noticed that the gnome/index.theme misses all the ‘scalable’ entries and that seems to break my svg icons. I have added a workaround, but with that I get 48×48 png scaled up. Readding the missing entries works. I filed a bug, but nobody feels responsible so far :/

Bored from all the refactoring and bug fixing I hacked a bit on the spectrum analyser. Its now using cairo (no more gdk_draw_*) and thus is ready for gtk3 and looks much nicer. In addition is can do log plots and one can increase the resolution.

While playing with orc for gstreamer and googling for simd information, I can across some info about the gcc autovectorizer. One can ask for quite verbosereports of gcc attempting to use simd for loops. I could improve the performance
in a few place based on the reports. Unfortunately the only places where the
vectorization finally succeeded where those where I just should have used
memset() :/

78 files changed, 4300 insertions(+), 1832 deletions(-)

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