buzztard project status 01/02/2011

As there was no project news over x-mas, I have a slightly longer one this time. Before I dive into the usual code changes, something else – tadaa – we have a new webpage. The previous page was a mediawiki with a few customizations. Now we use a combo of wordpress-3 and mediawiki. Both use a similar theme (based on the arch linux one). Wordpres gives as news, forum, social-network features and
much more. The first days I was suffering a lot from wordpress account creation spam. Luckily this seems to be under control now. The concept and a lot of the work was done by Joe Pea. We both have quite a few more things on the todo list. One of the next items is single sign in for wordpress and mediawiki. Stay tuned.

In the last two month I improved the song-recovery workflow. The recovery is now giving better feedback to the user and we’re properly cleaning up afterwards. The machine machine and pattern view do now have almost full undo/redo.

Quite several times already I had to deal with a dialog containing a treeview showing a list of items. The latest example is the song-recovery dialog. Giving such a dialog a nice good initial size is tricky. The treeview usually goes into a scrolled window. By default one can see the headers and maybe one line. Of course one can resize the dialog a bit, but as the line height is not easy to figure it is still not easy. One approach I came up with is to grow the dialog to show all lines until it would exceed a certain limit. The limit would be e.g. half of screen or window height. The code for that is quite simple:

  static void
  on_list_size_request(GtkWidget *widget,GtkRequisition *requisition,gpointer user_data)
    gint max_height=gdk_screen_get_height(gdk_screen_get_default())/2;
    gint height=2+MIN(requisition->height,max_height);

    /* make sure the dialog resize without showing a scrollbar until it would
     * reach half screen height */

Another thing in gtk that I wonder if it has a better solution is the disposal of popup-menus. The problem is that gtk_menu_popup is not taking ownership of the menu, but there seems to be now event when the menu is done, so that one can unref it. The only solution I can see is the pre-create the menu and ref-sink it. When the entity that owns it is disposed it can destroy and unref it.

As we’re quite gtk related in this time anyway one more discovery. Listening for key-press-event instead of key-release-event and widgets makes key-repeat work. Have added that to the gtk api docs.

Beside all the things above a couple of bug-fixes went in (make preferences in machines work (e.g. choosing fluidsynth instruments). I did some refactoring on midi controller handling; one can use the pitchwheel now and continuous controllers work better. Finally the dialogs warning about unsaved changes are more user-friendly; they now show the time passed since last saved/created in addition to the timestamp.

20 files changed, 1635 insertions(+), 989 deletions(-)

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