buzztard project status 01/06/2011

In the begining of the month I finished the new treeview models. There were a couple of corner cases I did not handled yet. I did some thinking about the remaining model, but did not yet write any code for it. Instead I did some code review of the whole project leading to numerous . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/05/2011

After last month spectrum analyzer work, I also looked at the volume meters again. Handling the updates is a bit tricky as I need to sync them to the audio playback. Now I have optimizations in place to skip updates when the meter is zero or maxed and has not changed. This is actually . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/04/2011

I have been refactoring GStreamer’s spectrum analyzer. It is now working faster and also allows to get per-channel results. For testing I updated buzztard to check if one has the new version and if so show per channel graphs. While hacking on the analyzer graphs I have also refactored the code, so that now . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/03/2011

I was testing buzztard a lot on my MeeGo netbook this month. As screen space is more precious on netbooks I was running it often in fullscreen mode and noticed that some windows seem to not open. When leaving full screen the windows appeared. Somehow they opened behind the main window. I looked over . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/02/2011

As there was no project news over x-mas, I have a slightly longer one this time. Before I dive into the usual code changes, something else – tadaa – we have a new webpage. The previous page was a mediawiki with a few customizations. Now we use a combo of wordpress-3 and mediawiki. Both . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/12/2010

Last month I made good progress on the undo/redo. I am now running the undo/redo in sync with the object lifecycle. The downside of this is that undo/redo fails when you have ref-count leaks. This now makes them more apparent. When trying to debug them I noticed that refdbg is not working anymore since . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/11/2010

In October I had not much time for buzztard. I went to the GStreamer conference and the CELF Europe. There I gave a talk about the “MeeGo multimedia stack”. I also hacked on two GStreamer tool projects; gst-tracelib and gst-mediainfo. In tracelib I worked on a UI to monitor gstreamer pipelines on the fly. . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/10/2010

After all the initial work for journaling of edit events in the editor, I wanted to get a first proof of concept that everything fits together. And that I just got. The pattern editor implements a change-logger interfaces. It grabs the changelog singleton instance and logs all changes together with the undo action. The . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/09/2010

After some more work bt-dec starts to works better. I can now play buzztard songs in totem, banshee and co. I still see some issues with seeking though.

I have be going through my pending gtk bugs and patches. I can see a lot of activity in gtk+ these days. People have been helpful . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/07/2010

Lintian complained about missing man-pages for buzztard binaries. I also had a pending bug for gtk-doc to clarify how one can do man-pages. Last month I wrong some docs about how to document binaries in docbook as well, so that the information is in the api-docs, but one can also generate man pages from . . . → Read More