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  1. The primary goal is to get as far as buzz did. That means loading buzz song, loading the machines, have similar editing. This goal has been reached.
  2. Second step is small improvements, user guide, intensive testing and collecting ideas. Its very likely that things like midi-support will fall into this phase as well. We're in this phase now.
  3. Third step is more applications, new features and so on.

The section below track what is planned for each release, what of this is done and what is work in progress.


[edit] Release Planning

[edit] Future

  • explicit windows and macosx support as soon as someone volunteers to maintain it
  • move own widgets into a separate lib (src/lib/libbtwidgets)?
  • additional end user apps (buzztard-live,buzztard-session)
  • video support
  • output scores (e.g. via LillyPond or GuidoLib)
  • Refactoring
    • GObject 2.26:
      • g_object_class_install_properties() and g_object_notify_by_pspec

[edit] Version 0.7 (??)

From this version on we'll aim for new features and add some secondary feature from buzz.

  • audio engine
  • multitrack project file export
  • data exchange with a sample editor (marlin?)
  • Open Sound Control for the interaction controller / remote control
  • song journalling, versioning
  • support tunings
  • ui improvements
    • add Help buttons to dialogs
  • machine templates
    • buzz can import songs as templates (should import no waves, no sequence and no patterns)
    • we could use the selection/location feature from copy/paste
  • refactor/update
    • use LT_INIT instead of AC_PROG_LIBTOOL

[edit] Version 0.6 (black beats blue) 2010

This version will target to provide some more minor features of buzz, some more enhancements, usability and performance improvements.

  • pattern view
    • pattern recording
      • buzz: this records slider movements from machine ui into the pattern
      • buzz: if there are multiple tracks for the machine, it records only into the first track (bug?)
      • buzz: it does not move the cursor in pattern-editor to allow entering notes
  • ui improvements
  • gstreamer integration: buzztard-dec, allows to play buzztard songs in e.g. totem, rhythmbox, banshee, ...
  • improve translators life - add comments above translatable text
    • many done already, check with:
      • find . -name "*.c" -exec egrep -Hn -B1 "[^N]_\(\"" {} \;
      • or look at po/buzztard-0.X.pot
  • settings
    • device selection for e.g. alsa & co. using gst property probe (example from jokosher)
  • midi (jack, alsa seq)
  • refactoring & cleanup
    • using proper singletons
      • BtUIRessources
      • BtEditApplication and its usage
    • less G_OBJECT casts
    • use G_DEFINE_TYPE:
      • buzztard
      • gst-buzztard: lib, plugins
      • bsl
    • use own treeviewmodels (implement the GtkTreeModel interface), try building a GObjectListStore
    • port from gnomevfs to gio/gvfs
      • 3 files use gnome_vfs_url_show() if we don't have gtk-2.14 (that is okay)
    • use g_timeout_add_seconds() (glib-1.14)
      • 5 files use that in buzztard/src/
    • digest this blogpost about gcc warning options and apply what makes sense (check this followup post as well)
    • use gst_element_link_pads or even gst_pad_link instead of gst_element_link{,_many} in core (do the same for gst_element_unlink)
      • machine.c, sink-bin.c (1), wave.c (4), wire.c (1)
    • migrate from HAL to GUdev
  • module reorganisation
    • move bsl -> buzztard/src/lib/core/song-io/buzz
      • build it conditionaly
      • allows to later on add mod/midi loaders

NEWS: current text

[edit] Version 0.5 (crown of thorns) Sep. 2009

This version will target to provide all major features of buzz

  • audioengine
  • pattern view
    • play notes
    • more keybindings
    • handle note-off commands
    • faster redraws
  • sequence view
    • faster redraws
  • machine menu
    • support for hierarchies (buzzmachines index, ladspa lrdf categories)
  • machine window
    • add parameter group for wire-pattern controls (volume/pan of previous machines)
  • refactoring
    • refactor _new methods to make it more binding friendly (see BtApplication and the subclasses for an example)
    • remove gtk_widget_set_name() to save translations or atleast remove _(). widget names are used for e.g. themening. they are not shown for e.g. a11y.
    • rid of libgnome dependency
    • read this autotools guide and improve our use of them

NEWS: current text

[edit] Version 0.4 (the light in your eyes) Nov. 2008

This version will bring wavetable support and UI usability improvments.

  • ui improvements
    • recent used files support (gtk 2.10)
    • new icons
      • tab icons
      • machine view icons
  • vu-meters in machine icons
  • wavetable
    • loading waves
    • handle more wave properties (volume, loop-mode)
    • loop playback (including ping-pong)
    • playing at different piches
    • waveform display with loop/play markers
    • wavetable mapping into buzzmachines
      • buzztard to gstbml (need iface or property)
      • gstbml to bml (needs api in bml)
  • support song files as zip files
  • register with the Translation Project
  • Refactoring

NEWS: current text

[edit] Version 0.3 (a tale of ice and darkness) Mar. 2008

This version will improve stability and make the pattern editor useable.

  • lots of Keyboard shortcuts
  • improved editing of sequence and patterns
    • selection fixes
    • navigation workaround (gtk+ bugs)
    • better input handling
    • insert and delete for lines and tracks
    • pattern editing
      • custom widget for patterns
      • support volume and panorama in sources and processors
      • support master volume
  • improved machine view
    • show volume and panorama
    • add panorama editing
  • better format negotiation when connecting machines
    • autoplug panorama element if needed
  • partial ui state persistence
  • GObject update
    • static strings in param specs
  • Refactoring
    • move all dialogs to separate classes (for ui tests)
    • handle interaction controller assignments in machine and not in dialog
  • Multitrack recording

NEWS: current text

[edit] Version 0.2 (sunrise) Apr.2007

This version will target UI usability improvments and introduce more interactivity.

  • preset handling in machines
  • sequence and pattern view table headings
  • allow to confirm dialogs with enter key
  • check installed utility elements
  • help view for machines
  • enhance machine window layout
  • make more settings instant apply
  • interaction controller and playback controller foundation
    • new baselibrary interaction controller
    • UI settings for controllers
    • popup-menu for machine preoperties to assign controllers

NEWS: current text

[edit] Version 0.1 (genesis) 30.Oct.2006

This version should serve as a technical preview. That is - everything can change. These are the pending TODOs:

  • check machines when loading song
  • preview warning requester/ first time install requester
    • merge with about, show NEWS (ReleaseNotes)
    • need to show this once per version, settings news-seen="0.1"
  • gui-dialog screenshoter for the manual
  • bring manual up-to-date
  • update german translation
  • add lgpl headers in sources
  • change /home/ensonic in READMEs to $HOME

NEWS: current text

[edit] Release Names

  • a game of light and shadows
  • children of the night
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